Film Pack Palette vs. Workspace setting

I just noticed that the FP palette changes depending on workspace settings.
e.g. color rendering does not show up in the DXO Extended workspace, but in DxO Standard only.
Also, the extra contrast items are not accessible within the FP palette.
Other items may be missing too?

For new customers of FP, it would be helpful to see what FP actually adds to DPL. Hiding a few tools in other palettes or tools makes the added bonus smaller than it actually is.

Make visible (again) all the features that come with FP within the FP palette.
This comes at the cost of tool duplications, which I consider to be a small cost in this case.

I’ve used FilmPack 5 Elite within Photolab since November 2017. To the best of my knowledge FilmPack’s Fine contrast, Highlight Contrast, and Shadows contrast sliders have never been available within the FilmPack 5 palette. They have always been located below the Micro Contrast slider, at least on Windows. I can’t speak to their location in the Mac version.


Film Pack Palette in DPL v2 and v3

in DPL v4.1.2 (DxO Std workspace)

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-08 um 22.51.04

in DPL v4.1.2 (DxO Advanced workspace)

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-08 um 22.51.20

@platypus @mwsilvers
Hi everybody,
being on Win 10, I can confirm that in PL4 these 4 contrast sliders, installed with FP as well explicitly named in the online help < ? > as being part of FP, are no more ‘duplicated’ under ‘FilmPack’ in DxO Advanced Mode.

Indeed, I’m happy with that. I never liked duplication in PL3 especially in this endless Advanced list (guess also in PL2 / already uninstalled), as if I had forgotten something and had to recheck – well, a personal thing.
In customer workspace, I have DxO Filmpack ‘tab’ and others on the extended screen, *) some of them ‘unfolded’ as less important to me.
have fun, Wolfgang

*) edit :shushing_face:

Yes…It is different now. Items are not duplicated. I agree, I like it better this way.

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My apologies. I forgot they were duplicated. I eliminated duplications with my own custom palettes all the way back in Photolab 1. I had my own customized version of the FilmPack 5 palette. As a result I didn’t notice that they were no longer in the default FilmPack palette in PhotoLab 4.


Same here and I only came across the change when trying to help a fellow forum-er…

I never specially cared for (or against) tool duplications, specially not when using my “All-In” workspace.