Film Pack 6E

So … I have just installed the FP 6E into DXO PL 5E. Interesting addition with much to offer.

Is any information available, or is anyone experienced with FP of any way that a user may have to access and edit any of the offerings in the FP?

Right now, I discovered an included “Texture” that could add an interesting appearance to an image that I am working on, however, there are portions of where it appears that just make it unworkable, even after using the Intensity slider.

The Intensity slider seems to be the single access to changing the appearance of the overlay, other of course, than the Randomize button.

It’d be nice to find out this is possible.

Let me know.



It is not clear what you mean by “unworkable”. If “by you access or edit any of the offerings” you mean modify the results other than with the randomize or intensity slider, that is not possible.


Hey Mark …

… yeah, you pretty much quoted exactly the observation I originally stated in my question.

So apparently, none of the overlays in FP are editable beyond the “intensity” slider.

That is why I said that the one that I favoured was unworkable. If added to the image upon which I would like to apply it, the single available edit function seems to be the intensity slider, and as such, portions of that overlay appears in areas that simply do not work. And when the overlay is reduced to a level that it can work, there is no point in using it at all.

Frustrating to say the least. If at least we had access to the ERASER tool on the overlay, that would be splendid.

Especially in areas of an image requiring either being black or white.



Hi Jay,
the beauty of Filters and Presets is that they are ‘easy to use’ – on the whole pic.

For now & more creativity you better use a layerbased pixeleditor, where you can add any overlays and adjust how and what to apply ( → soft light, masks … ).
[ Since many years I’m using Nik SilverEfexPro for B&W rendering. For instance, applying different renderings on extra layers allows to handle background stuff different than the subject etc. ]

have fun, Wolfgang