Files "edited in Photolab" will not successfully return to Lightroom

I’ve reverted to Lightroom being my main processor but am very happy to use Photolab to preprocess certain files before continuing to process them in Lightroom Classic.

It began as an intermittent problem but now it seems to be almost continuous. I can send files from LR to PL but more often than not cannot return them to LR. I can watch the green progress bar creeping from left to right but in most cases it gets so far, gives up and goes red. The export fails. Sometimes it does get through successfully and the image looks great, and now and again, the image gets through
but there is a rectangular network of coloured horizontal lines superimposed over part of the image. I have reported this to DXO tech support and they have asked for various files, including sidecar files, but they seem to have given up.

Interestingly I downloaded a trial copy of PureRaw and tried that, and this fails as well! In every case I’ve tried I get a more or less black image with a pattern of tiny coloured red/yellow/blue dots on.

Once again tech support seem to have lost interest. This is certainly way beyond my capabilities to solve.

j’avais eu le meme problème sur une version récédente, c’était lié à un “droit en écriture” de win et non photolab. vérifiez que le fichier ou le dossier d’export a les bons droits

Mon Francais n’est pas tres bon mais vous pensez que c’est un probleme de windows, pas photolab et pas Lightroom?

Pus-je montrer votre reponse a leur “tech support”?

yes you can.
for me the problem was windows (write rights problem appeared after a windows update)

Merci. Je l’ai copie et …struggles…l’ai envoyer a Tech Support… :laughing:

you just have to check and if necessary restore the write right in your photo folders (no need for dxo support) and see if it works!

I’m not sure where to find that in English. French would be even more difficult… :cold_sweat:

Still waiting for Tech Support to reply.

just open the folder of your photos and uncheck “read only” as in the screenshot above

otherwise on google type “uncheck read-only” and you will find the procedure

Thanks for the explanation. I have found and unchecked the box as you suggest. We shall see if it does the trick. Merci beaucoup! :smiley:

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I successfully did the LR>DXO>LR process a few times and it did work. Then I tried using PureRaw which failed to export back to LR, and then the Photolab>LR export failed as well.

I have gone back into Folder properties as you suggested, unticked “read-only” and closed it but it is impossible to keep that box unticked. It just automatically ticks itself again.

I have found the following article via google with some suggestions.

However I’m a bit of an IT-phobe so am reluctant to follow the detailed procedure too far in case I do some thing critical but wrong!

I am grateful for your suggestion but how did you have to go before you got a solution?

Thanks, Jerry