File Rename - Add Option to Delete

Currently, DPL allows to (batch) rename files in library view.

  • Add a prefix
  • Add a suffix
  • Change (parts of) the file name

What I cannot do yet, is to (unconditionally) remove parts of the name, because in “replace text” mode, the “replace by” field cannot be empty, or the “rename” button stays disabled.

In your example you might be able to replace “Test-2022” against “2022”, but that’s only possible with suiting patterns of characters.

But there’s a risk of replacing too much of a filename by hitting “Umbenennen” too early. I prefer renaming in Finder or another app with “Undo” option. And I don’t believe, PL has this option?

Just tried this (for the first time in batch mode :slight_smile: ) and it worked

Screen Shot 04-13-22 at 11.31 AM


with an ‘extension’ as well with a letter (number) – common in both file names.

(Win10, PL5.2.0_4732)

…seems to be another Mac-Win difference @Franky

Since you are on Mac, you are a lucky man, platypus. The renaming in Better File Rename is much more powerful, can be built into pre-made droplets and is far more capable for us Europeans with diacriticals (autoconvert all diacriticals to ASCII in file name, very important for web posting).

I doubt the PhotoLab renaming will ever acquire that power or flexibility, not on Mac not on Windows.

This looks like a bug.
I will report it with to our developers.


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…and you might also suggest better positioning of the text: Move it up in the box a little bit.

:thinking: strange, we don’t have this misalignement at all…
Could you provide the following info?
• PL version
• OS version


DPL, macOS Big Sur (current version) on iMac 2019…

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-14 um 21.44.10

OK, thanks.
BTW, you mean, right?

yes, indeeeeed

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