File namings

when DNG files are generated, they are automatically named. it would be nice to have the photolab naming options.


I absolutely agree!


I do not like the long default file name that PureRAW gives its DNG output files. I want to be able to change it to something much more brief, like adding DxO to the original file name. I can’t seem to find any way to do this.

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+1 I agree. I would like the ability to specify what I want to add to the output filename.


More Options around naming files, file name too long, and the ability save to the original folder so file can be saved with the original file.

Indeed, it is very necessary to make this function customizable, it would be very nice!

Agree 100%. The files are saving in a subfolder, so why can they just use the existing file names? I have to rename EVERY time.


This really needs to become optional and I too really dislike the default naming!