File Manager

Just noticed that the latest version of VP4 has a file manager that allows one to create a new folder. It would be useful if that functionality were added to the file manager/folder view in PL as currently it is necessary to do this via the Finder. Actually dragging and dropping folders would also be useful.

Interesting. The Windows version of the PhotoLibrary file manager has a create folder capability.



And talking about the file manager. When creating a new directory in the export it doesn’t show up in the file tree. I’ve to force an update either by F5 or by going to another directory and back.


@ColinG , is VP4 a typo or is your post in the wrong category?

You are addressing ViewPoint 4 aren’t you?

VP is short for Viewpoint in my books so no it is not a typo. Or am I misunderstanding? It is also not in the wrong category as it is comparing PLs functionality to that of VP4

The Mac version of PhotoLab 7 can’t create folders, either.

It is the Mac one that I was referring to