File filters?


I realize that I could probably do this in lightroom, but for me it would be simplifying things if there was an option for pureraw to “ignore photos for condition X”

My main use cause would be to easily process all photos with ISO > XXXX and don’t waste time on anything else.

Multiple filters may be cool, so you can say that for camera X, ISO > XXXX, Camera Y, ISO > YYY

I haven’t seen anything like that … but you can sort the images based on ISO, and star them starting at your desired ISO and select everything higher (or lower, depending on your sort order). Hope that helps.

Not easy but possible solution:
First use the* filter “Body” with body#1 (In French “Boitier”) and give these images a colour tag (yellow).

  • Second choose the other “Body” with body#2 and give the images another colour tag (green).
  • Third select the images with the yellow tag and sort them by ISO, give another colour tag (purple) to those over the ISO#1 value for body#1.
  • Fourth do the same with the green tagged images and give the same purple tag to them to those over the ISO#2 value for body#2.
  • Now if you sort with the purple colour tag you have all the images from body#1 above ISO#1 and those from body#2 above ISO#2.
    And in the end, remove the colour tags, unless you decide that purple will always be the images responding to “above ISO”.

Not sure it’s clear?