File Error

This was discussed in August but to my knowledge no solution was ever arrived at. I’m new to PL4 and am trying to move away from Lightroom. When I upload a collection of new photos from my Sony a7R4 to a new iMac (OS 10.15.7) and PL4 looks at the folder, about half the images are not displayed because of “an unknown error…” No work has been done on any of the files. When I try Lightroom Classic there is no problem recognizing, importing and manipulating the same files. This makes using PL4 impossible because of what seems like an incredibly basic, fundamental error. Please help!

you could get in touch with DxO support or try the following:

  • restart PL4
  • restart your Mac
  • copy a folder of new images to, say, your Desktop and see if it changes anything
    (this could correct access issues - if they are the cause of the effect)
  • replace the current PL4 by a PL4 from a fresh download
  • delete PL4 folders and files from your Library folder, find them in
    Library/Application Support/

If Library is hidden, you can get at it (in the finder) with the Go To menu or select your home folder, press command-j and tick the respective box.