File Browser (Photo Library) - Opening folder and sub-folders at the same time

Is there an option for DxO PL4 where I can open images in a folder and images in a sub-folder at the same time - so that they are all available for edit as part of the same “collection” I have original images in the parent folder and partially processed versions of the same images in the sub-folder. I’d like to open them all so that I can do comparisons.


You can assemble images from any folder using a project. Ctrl-click on the Thumbnail in Library view and add the image(s) to a new or existing project.

Please be aware,

  • that exported images don’t automatically appear in a project. Even if the export goes into the same folder as the original file, you’ll have to add the exports manually.
  • that there is no way to create a “smart project” (yet?)
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Thanks very much! COP21 has an option to include sub-folders when you are importing images, but this will work fine also.


Import is a different story - and DPL can do this too:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-03 um 23.14.59

Click on the marked icon and direct DPL to the folder that sits at the root of your image repository.
→ Metadata of all images in subfolders, subsubfolders etc. will be read and added to the index.