Features missing

To cut a long story short. I originally purchased Nik from Nik many years ago when each module cost around $100 (Australian) . Google bought it and did nothing. I’m still using a free version as my originals have ceased to work. I’m 70 years old and saw the ad for 30% off and can just manage the $137 (Australian). I’ve downloaded the trial. My favourite has always been Silver Efex Pro. Just opened the trial version and some of it is missing. The brightness panel is there but the Contrast and Structure panels are missing. Any Ideas? I took a screen shot but not sure how to add it to this post.

Hi Glyn. I’m not quite what you are referring to. The contrast and structure panels appear to be in place right under brightness in your screenshot. :slightly_smiling_face:

Click on the arrow brightness/contrast/structure to expand them and unveil the other sliders. Nothing disappeared it just wasn’t expanded yet.