Feature suggestion: Better management of Virtual Copies

We see regular complaints from users about the management of VCs - - especially confusion resulting when someone wants to delete the (M)aster version and replace it with one of its VCs.

I suggest a new option in the context-menu, when one Right-Clicks on a VC … with option allowing;

  • Replace Master and delete this Virtual Copy” - - which then does what it says.

I reckon this might alleviate a lot of confusion - - and even make it easier for the veterans out there too.

John M

How about something like “make this VC the master” or something of that kind?

Is this feature request different from the following, which already has votes?

Yep, I’m not fussy about the wording (unless the meaning is unclear !)


Hi Greg - - My suggestion is precisely proposed as a (simple !?) solution to the issue declared therein.


a better solution was already worked out in the other thread, yet spread over several postings: Allow free and static naming of virtual copies. Besides naming, there is (currently) no technical difference between virtual copies so a “master” it no more than a VC not causing a suffix on the exported image.

Yes, possibly better - - but, I’m proposing something that’s more likely to be achieved much sooner.