Feature Requests\Suggestions for Analog Efex 2

Analog Efex Pro 2

  • Arrange Custom presets into folders.
  • Set the Pincushion\Barrel to a numeric percentage in Lens Distortion
  • Ability to edit Tone Maps in the “Film Type” section either as Multipoint Gradients, or as Tritone\Polytones
  • Ability to upload custom textures for use in Photo Plate, Dirt & Scratches and everywhere else these are used
  • Blend Modes and Masks for layers e.g. if I just want the outline of a Photo plate to leave the centre unaffected.

Thank you for these requests, we will analyze and sort them before decide what we can do for the next update.


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Im new to DXO. But this is the first thread i’ve found relating to being able to add/import additional textures. Is this possible? The film frame textures are limiting and would look repetitive in some case for a photo book im making,



I’m also interested to know if there is a way to add more/custom textures. I imagine the defaults will be recognisable by now.

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Yes I also would like to add our own textures The ones available are few and everyone uses it. I want an unique image done with my textures and backgrounds. 2 years and no feedback. It should not be that difficult to implement.

It would be awesome if we at least had the ability to rotate/flip photo plate textures.

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Please let us import our own plates or textures. I have to deactivate those options in analog pro v5 because I don’t want to use the same texture or scratch that thousand others are using.

Thank you

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You can always simply add your own PNG files to the Textures folder.


Would that apply too for PhotoLab, Mark ?

John M

Absolutely John! Give it a try.

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Lobbing a ~.png into the “Textures” folder (as above) does not result in it appearing in PL’s Texture dialogue, Mark … which is not a surprise, as the list seems to be “hard-coded” (not fluid, according to the contents of the Texture folder).
image - This seems to be a fixed list of Textures.

Am I misunderstanding you ?


My apologies John, I was just assuming that it would work, but hadn’t actually tried it. Thanks for checking. Now we know that it doesn’t work.

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It may not be working as hoped for because you also have to add a preview.png which may be more difficult to create. I haven’t tried it myself.


I have tried that Mark. It didn’t work. I’m still working on it!

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