Feature requests: frame averaging, image comparison, and face detection AE

One very useful feature that I’d love in PhotoLab is frame averaging. Olympus and Pentax have this built-in, but having this feature available in PhotoLab would give much more flexibility.

Image comparison exists in other RAW converters, but not PL as far as I can see. A lot of people would like this.

Apparently, face detection is included in Smart Lighting, but it’s not stated. So perhaps this feature is already implemented?

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Please elaborate what you’d want it for. Noise reduction in astro-photos? Other?

Respective feature requests exist already. Search the forum and add your vote(s).

Smart Lighting can find faces and adjust lighting accordingly. Face detection is not used in other tools. though it could add value to e.g. local adjustments. I don’t remember having seen a feature request for this…and you could add one here:

Note: This post is effectively duplicated/repeated here (by same poster).