Feature Request - Optional Sharpening

First off, I’ve been using PureRaw on all images for several months now. With few exceptions, the improvement in image noise is amazing, which is saying something as I have a camera with excellent noise characteristics. Most of the time, the sharpening is also great.

There are times that the noise reduction is giving some odd artifacts. This generally happens in high contrast areas, and to be fair, the raw image generally creates this contrast. It would be great to be able to turn off the sharpening for such occasions. It’s not common, but when it happens, it is fairly easy to spot. While I don’t photograph people a lot, it would be nice to turn off the sharpening for portraits as well.

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks for a great product!

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Hi David,
We are glad that PureRAW helps you achieve excellent results!

You concern is something shared by other users: Oversharpening - #42 by Marie
Good news: we heard your concern and are working on it for a future update.



Many thanks to DXO for making the changes in version 1.5. It is MUCH appreciated. Keep up the great work!


It would be great to have control over the degree of output sharpening from PhotoLab too, Steven … Is there are chance that may be coming in a future version of PL ?

John M

Hi John-M,
…we are talking about sharpening applied on the output only if the user chooses any resizing option, right?

Yes, that’s correct Steven … It’s a long-standing request that I’ve seen many times (over the years).

Eg. A refinement to Bicubic Sharper - - - for more control over the degree of output sharpening applied.


This option is on my ‘personal list’ already, and we might consider adding it to PL in the future.