Feature request: local adjustments with absolute values

Normaly with the local adjustments you can make relative adjustments: all point lighter or darker, change the WB…
I want an additional menu:
a slider for the real exposure, one for the WB in Kelvin of the area, so that I can for example put the exposure of all locals to one value.
One excample for this would be an Scan with different lightning: Than I would put at different places Adjust-Points and would be able to put the exposure-value of all these Points to the same value.

I’m not sure if I get what you’re after here. With a RAW file, there is no absolute exposure or WB, merely those recorded at the time of shooting. So, in asking for “real” values, do you want the value recorded at the time of shooting, or the value for the full image, which may have been changed in the global exposure and WB palettes?

Think of a white picture with only vignette:
Now place f.e. five Local-adjustment points (center + four corners). Each of them gets an Exposure value (according to white). I call it the EV-value. The brightness-adjustment is in neutral-position.
F.e: EV brightness
centre 255 0
top left 128 0
top right 128 0
bottom left 64 0
bottom right 64 0

now I want to have overall the same brightness, so that I change the EV-value to 255:
F.e: EV brightness
centre 255 0
top left 255 100%
top right 255 100%
bottom left 255 200%
bottom right 255 200%

Why not just apply a reverse vignette to the image? If the basic one doesn’t wor, there’s always the creative vignette in FilmPack. Either that or four graduated filters; one on each corner

Because this was only an example with a known illumination-problem for better understanding?