Feature request: Export to a specific file size

The export button allows the user to resize an image. If I haven’t misunderstood, the options are quality, measured as a percentage, and dimension (length and width of image).

Recently, I needed to export based on file size but I could find not direct way of doing this. I think this would be a useful feature.


@miguelcampana don’t forget to vote for the item yourself.


Export triangle: quality vs. image dimension vs. file size.
Define two and get the third as a result, including surprises: JPEG compression depends on image content. Results could get really bad, but it’s always worth to try…

I saw this in the menu. Megapixels is a measure of the resolution of the image, not the file size. I’m looking for a direct way to export based on megabytes ie: file size.

This would basically be a trial and error process. It could be handled by Photolab but basically Photolab would have to asses the detail in the scene and choose a quality/Quantization level. Compress the image and then adjust up and down until the right file size was achieved. Then you have the discussion about whether Photolab should ask it the quality level or the pixel resolution to reduce the file size.

Anyway an interesting request and perhaps useful when a service wants all images less than 5MB or whatever. Hopefully those limits are not that common.

It is a functionality which is present since a long time on the RGB viewers. It consists in resampling a code.
The operation is more complicated starting from a raw which must be treated.


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