Feature request: EXIF Editing more fields and GPS location setting

Hi All,

I’d love to be able to do two things in PhotoLab:

  1. I’d love to be able to add Keywords metadata within PhotoLab. I’m sure that others have OTHER metadata that they’d want to add, so my suggestion would be to have this be configurable. It can’t be TOO tough to add that functionality, as the software seems to already support editing both “Author” and “Copyright”…

  2. I’d love to be able to embed a GPS location in my EXIF data of my images. I currently use a 3rd party app to do it (I run GeoSetter in a VM), but would love to use PhotoLab.

Hope these weren’t already suggested. I did a quick search and couldn’t find them.


  • Jon

i am editing the exifdata now after wards, in my DAM for my jpegs.
But some extra functionality in the exif file of the raw would be great.

Hello @JonSF,

Thank you for the suggestion. I suggest the users to vote for the second part only, as the first one is already in the backlog, which means it will be done in future.

Svetlana G.

OK for the GPS location

Hello, @dfpjlf,

Jean-Luc, if you want this suggestion to be taken into account you should vote for it (top left corner of the post).
The more votes it has the higher the position by priority it will be.

Svetlana G.

done !
Thank you for the trick

You are welcome!

Keywords are the most important to me. I use Olympus OI.Track on my iPhone to add geotags in camera, and then use HoudahGeo to reverse geotag after uploading the photos from the SD card to my computer, all before raw conversion and editing in DxO PhotoLab. The geotag data is then in the metadata of the raw file. But, getting keywords into the EXIFs is posing a problem. Have tried Adobe Bridge, digicam, Capture One 10, etc and the process becomes too complicated to interface with DxO. I would like the keyword to be embedded in the raw .ORF file’s EXIF, and preferably not in a ,DOP sidecar, although I could live with that if you didn’t want to touch the raw file’s metadata. If necessary, I could parse the .DOP sidecar records and store the keywords and rating in the raw file metadata myself with exiftool. The reason for wanting to store the keywords and ratings in the raw file metadata is that I can use the OS file system (Finder) to search for images by keywords and location, without having the keywords, location, and ratings locked up in sidecar files or in a proprietary data base.

making a great geo tagger like Geosetter is so hard that I do not wish it to be integrated in DxO.

Not only to avoid binding development resources necessary for improving the core function of Photolab, but also because Photolab is too slow.

Please let tagging be separate from image processing!


I use Photolinker on Macos and include keywords and GPS information in the raw file.
No problem with the other test i did in LR Photolab…to see the informations.
What i’d like to see in PL is the map with location in the palette. Or maybe easier to do , one clic on the location icon in the exif palette, open Google Maps for example.


Thats good news !

I’m still editing meta data (keywords) in my former editing software.
The keywords, together with some EXIF data, are very important - in fact, essentiel - for me to find something among thousands of images.
The EXIF data exists in the image file, the keywords have to be placed. The RAW files are “keyworded”. The resulting TIFF file from LP processing keeps these data, so as the converted JPEG file.

As for the GPS location setting, my former soft had this feature based on Google maps. But unfortunately Google has changed API interface and there is no map any more (although the location coordinates are still there and appear in the information (EXIF) module of PL).

I am aware that these features are not of great importance for the development process of PL, but afterwards they are.

This is part of DAM which it’s arguable will take Photo Lab in the wrong direction. Performance improvements with existing features and keeping up with new lenses and bodies from supported manufacturers (not suggesting adding new manufacturers) are the core of improving the Photo Lab experience and to maintain its competitive lead among RAW converters. If I could vote against EXIF editing I would.

There are much more powerful EXIF manipulation tools out there. One of the most capable (and affordable) with batch functionality is Better Finder Renamer and Better Finder Attributes. Exiftool is free and incredibly powerful but command line. If you’re just looking for a quick path to the EXIF of individual files in an easy to use GUI, Lyn is brilliant and also cheap as chips.

Graphic Converter can do some of this but I find Graphic Converter expensive and overkill and don’t like the interface. Last version I own is probably v6 and it’s currently on v10. I took a quick look recently - while somewhat updated visually, Graphic Converter is still not a pretty tool.

DAM and Lyn limitations: Lyn is not particularly useful as a rating tool as it’s ratings don’t move back and forth between different applications consistently. Lyn is useful for quick preview of folders, slideshows, EXIF one off editing and culling rejects. FastRawViewer is a much better rating tool as it uses sidecars which Photo Lab, Capture One, Adobe Bridge, Lightroom and others read. Canon DPP doesn’t seem to read the FastRawViewer ratings but FRV reads DPP ratings.

DPL2 reads the geo coordinates from the Lr-generated XMP files and even presents them in the Exif plug-in. Unfortunately it doesn’t save it into the processed file. I don’t think enabling this feature should require much work to improve the Export plug-in in PhotoLab.

This would be a good step for those of us who use geolocation in external applications, but would like DPL to preserve that data in the exported files.

Hello everyone

Thanks for your suggestions and feedback.
This features are already tracked, though not at the top of our priorities.
I’ll close this topic to release the votes.

The DxO Team