Feature Request: Crop vs. FilmPack Frame

When I add a frame outside of an image and the try to crop the frame, the frame vanishes when I click the crop icon. I’d prefer to apply the crop to the frame though.

May I ask a question to clarify the situation you are having. If the frame is applied to the crop - or should say post - crop, why would you want to crop the image with the frame on it? If you want to change the style of the frame, I might understand. Isn’t there a way to import frames, or modify the frames provided?

Let us assume that the image already is as it is wanted. Now, I want to add a fine black border surrounded by a wider white frame. DPL cannot do this. So, I tried a workaround: add a black frame, crop it down to a fine line and then add a white border. again, DPL cannot do this because cropping a frame removes the frame completely. The only workaround os to add a black frame outside, process and add a white frame inside…