Feature request: copy/paste individual settings

I very often would like to copy only one setting (for example white balance or noise reduction settings or leveling from one to multiple other pictures.

It would happen permanently with white balance where I pick the WB from one picture and would like to apply it to the next 10 pictures as well.

Other RAW converters let you select what to copy or past, Capture one has even a icon on each setting header with which you can copy/past this individual setting.

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Very easy :wink:
Select all you photos
Enter a WB value. This last, and only this value, is applied on all photos.


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Good morning,

And a small addition to what Pascal said: there is no need to spend votes on this request (selective copy/paste) as it’s already in the backlog.

Svetlana G.


Ok, good to know that most probably a more selective process is on horizon.
Of course, I also did enter values on a set of pictures but especially WB settings take a lot of time to shwitch from picture to picture because for whatever reason the display switches to black and 5-10 sects later (for my Z7 files) show up, and every change in WB settings takes another 4-5 seconds.

p.s.: Have a not so bad I7 Win 10 system with 32GB memory and a view TB of SSD’s …

Seems PL3 is almost ready to support at least one way to selectively copy and paste.
Please let me know if this is already possible somehow.

  1. Right-click Preset Editor>then choose “New Preset from Current Settings”

  2. Click “Edit” the new Preset

  3. At this point there should be a way to deselect all settings from this Preset with one or two clicks, and then re-select only what you’d like to copy (what you’d like saved into the Preset).
    For instance, you could allow a right-click in the checkbox-enable-column (this is the column that appears during Preset Edit), and have a context menu open which allows Clear All, or Select All. Alternatively, have a toggling “Select All” checkbox at the top of Preset Edit temporary checkbox column (although, this checkbox could be confused for some other purpose and frustrate someone if it changes selections they’ve already made).

4)Then save the new choices and “Apply” that Preset to other photos.

I sometimes want to copy just the crop setting and can’t seem to do it without using the steps I’ve mentioned above. The problem is that I have to deselect LOTS of checkboxes individually except for the Crop checkbox.

Even if you (DxO programmers) create a more user friendly selective copy, seems you should still do something like this suggestion so that editing a Preset is easier (and can then be used as an alternative copy method).

Also, it could help to have a new right-click menu choice in the Preset Editor to replace only the existing settings of a particular Preset with the same settings of the presently selected photo. This way, there can be a Preset for a crop only (for instance) and you can simply replace that crop setting in that Preset with the one of the presently selected photo.

And, while we’re at it, it might be nice to be able to write a short custom description of each Preset which would be displayed when hovering over the Preset name in the Preset Edit Palette. This can be used to write instructions to remind how (or when) to use the Preset.

Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian,

You can this via the following steps;

1) Assuming you know, in advance, that you wish to duplicate crop settings across multiple images.

  • Select multiple images (eg. Click & Shift-Click … or, Click + Ctrl-Click + Ctrl-Click … etc)
  • Apply your crop to the visible image … and it will be applied equally to all images
  • Refine crop settings on each image, as required.

2) Assuming you wish to apply an existing crop setting to multiple other images.

  • Select the image with the existing crop settings
  • Add selection of all other images
  • Make a small change to the crop settings on the visible image - - and all other images will receive the same crop settings.
  • Refine crop settings on each image, as required.

John M

Hi John, thanks for both of those tips. Usually it’s the 2nd case – it’s after I work on one image that I’d like to see another image of the same subject with the identical crop (one use is to toggle between images to see only the differences between the two images change). Your solution works very well in lieu of selective copy. Only minor downside is that, if it’s already been exported, it marks the original as having been changed but not exported. No biggie cuz that happens a lot anyway (and I can Undo the minor crop change on the original to return to exactly what it was before “the copying”). Very nice.

Tiny bit weird that DxO hasn’t yet added the obviously useful (and probably incredibly easy to implement) feature of clearing all checkboxes of a Preset Edit. That would have gone such a long way toward being a nearly user friendly selective copy method (for those willing to discover it).

I’ve noticed one thing that might make this feature a little difficult to implement. It’s a bit funky how you can do so much with everything in PhotoLab while still in the Preset Edit mode. You can even forget you’re in that mode – even after choosing to save the settings. You can even delete the Preset you’re editing while in the Edit mode. And I’ve seen some misbehavior due to stuff like that. So, DxO might prefer not to get the user overly involved with Preset Editing until they figure a cleaner way to wrap up (and contain) the Editing process.


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