Feature Request - Color Splash

In Color Efex Pro, it would be great to have the ability to easily create black and white images with colour splashes like below:

I should add that using the steps outlined in this post:

Can produce the desired effect if the object of interest is simple or and contained within a single simple border/boundry. However, if you want all of a specific colour to be highlighted in the image (such as the flower above) it would require laying down a lot of control points to reach the desired effect. If we could have a dropper that we select the colour(s) that we want to preserve and a slider that does a similar to the controls that we have in the control point, that would be fantastic.

I came to that conclusion also.
I have to try out the three types of methodes to see if it’s working without photoshops smart thingy and layering by complex colors
In the HSL tool of PL’s Filmpack i wouldlike a colorpicker to pick the saturate color when global desaturate is done.

In DxOPL if it is possible to use smartbrush with cleanup mode and label this a “negative” “protected” it’s also possible to colorsplash multicolor objects in a b&w background.

Most satisfying one was the masking around objects and desaturate after that but then you lose the nik silverefex beautiful b&w renderings.
So smart brush in NiK can solve that problem :wink:

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