Feature Request: Automatic Thumbnail-creation, Support of "," as separator for values

Hi there,

I have been using PL since the beginning, even its predecessors DxO-OpticPro, and still wonder about some points:

  1. Why can’t you just have the thumbnails for the database created in the background, for example by going to your directory with photos and then right-clicking to start it? Currently you have to select the directories individually and only the images that fit in the preview on the screen are created.

  2. On the German keyboard there is a “,” and no “.” as separator on the tens block. Entering numerical values for functions like “horizon” or similar is very awkward. In the past the comma was accepted and there was an error message. Now the comma is ignored and instead of 2.5° you enter 25°… Also not better. Why is it not possible to define individually in the preferences whether you want a point or a comma as number separator?