Feature Request: 16 bit TIFF output, commandline use

Thanks for creating this gem of a software. I love the output creates from DJI Mini 2 drone.

  1. However I really miss the option to export to a 16 bit TIFF file which I can open directly in Affinity Photo. (The file size should be not much bigger than the DNG I would expect.)

The JPEGs are fine, but a TIFF has more potential when editing the light and dark areas.

  1. When I process the same file again it should (optionally, preference) skip the process if the output file already exists. Right now it creates a renamed copy which is 100% identical.

  2. Please add the possibility to control the process by command-line, i.e.
    pureraw --develop deepprime --sendto “filepath/Affinity” --folder “c:/temp” file1 file2 file3

I agree, especially regarding the command line.