Feature needed: Support for X-Rite and Datacolor X-Rite colorcheckers in DXO PhotoLab

It would be nice to see support for the various colorchecker cards made by X-Rite and Datacolor.

Very good idea … but I have no free votes

In few days, you will have PL with DCP color rendering support to test.
Since X-Rite can export calibrated color under DCP format, I guess this new feature is what you want…
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Hi Bao - - Would you please explain what “DCP color rendering” is … and/or, what it does?
I am not aware of this acronym - and attempting to look it up did not enlighten me much !



DCP = DNG Camera Profile

I think that you are familiar with ICC…

So DCP is “kind of” ICC…

You can find more information about DCP here http://dcptool.sourceforge.net/DCP%20FIles.html

You can do your calibration and export it under DCP file (for example, X-Rite provides also some tools to do so https://www.xrite.com/service-support/creating_dng_profiles_for_adobe_camera_raw).

PL can read and apply color pipeline “described” in DCP file.

(And if you use PhotoShop or LightRoom, you can find many DCP file provided by Adobe (just search file with extension “dcp”…), and now you can apply these color rendering in PL)




Merci, Bao !

Are you also thinking about adding LCP support for lenses that are not provided with DxO profile yet?

LCP: It is in our backlog !

Nice, this would allow using all Adobe lens profiles from their free DNG converter, which should be equal to all lens profiles supported by Adobe Camera Raw.

For a short moment there I kept wondering why you would want Digital Cinema Package (DCP) features in PL. :slight_smile:
Anyways, your implementation of “DCP” is (hopefully) brilliant, but it won’t solve certain vital scenarios where the use of colorchecker cards makes sense. Please keep that in mind.

I think, it would be helpful, if you denote that “vital scenarios”, otherwise there is no possibility to target the missing use cases.

As I have understood, you can load a photo with colorchecker cards on it into a colorchecker app. This app autodetects the cards and calculates the deviation of the colors on the photo from the expected colors. This is used to create a profile, which is used by PL to correct the colors of all photos, made with that camera under the given conditions.

Which other scenarios do you mean?

Like in complex interior shoots and product shoots, where we use a shitload of different lightsources. In many cases such a shot is built up by a composite of a large series of stills. It is helpful to make one version of each shot with the colorchecker card, in order to have a sensible reference to colour/ white point etc. Of course, DXO PL is not yet a tool for assembling such composites, but hopefully we will get there soon, won’t we? Thing is, a camera profile is nice… of course, but a lighted scene is also dependent on the actual color temperature. A series of interior stills using colorchecker cards assures that pictures easily can get the same look.

Isn’t the actual color temperature covered by the DCP profile? The only thing the DCP generator gets is an input image, where the color temperature has influenced the colors already. So I have expected, that these color shifts are also corrected in addition to the technical color shifts of the camera. Isn’t it possible to create a DCP profile for each light+camera setup used?

It is like creating a throw away DCP profile just for the batch of photos you currently want to process.

davinci resolve have a ‘manual target alignment’ with an assortment of well established color patterns and works wonders.

the ‘smart’ find is not necessary (at least not in the beginning)