FAQ seems to be outdatet, at least for Olympus ORI-files

This page, https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047999392-What-are-ORI-files-and-how-do-I-view-them-in-DxO-PhotoLab-, claims that ORI-files (high res raw-files, Olympus) is not recognized by PL. My version (5) is certainly recognizing these files and handles them as any ORF-file, without renaming or any fuzz at all. So, not to scare away possible new customers with Olympus/OMD Systems, someone should update.

Joachim is correct. My ORF files from OMD micro 4/3 are recognized by PL4 and PL5 without any issues. There is some clean up needed on FAQ and possibly some other areas. That said, I have learned a good deal interacting with fellow photographers on this site. Not so much though when people start getting very technical (engineer like).

Hi @Joachim
Thanks for pointing that out.
Our FAQ hasn’t been updated as it should have (the page you mention has been removed).