Failure to export jpg processed with keywords from Photo Supreme

I had some photos from my phone, had no camera with me. I have found the only way of geting keywords exported is to use Photo Supreme then open the images in PL5 edit and export. I had some RAW ones that worked no problem this way but the jpg ones caused “unknown error” when trying to export.
I deleted in PL5, reloaded a new set via Photo Supreme and removed the keywords (which were added again by the program) before opening in PL5. But the keywords again were in PL5, I expect PL5 had kept the information in its data base. Again failure to export and again some RAW with keywords from Photo Supreme exported no problem.
Befor deleting in PL I deleted the keywords there and re imported and now no key words and they now export.

I have found though there were no keywords shown in PL5 they were exported into flicker.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Its PL5 jpegs processed under 4 with keywords also fail to export. Moved to being a to bug report.

One processed under 4 attached if any one wants to see if they have the same problem

IMG_20211018_145317.jpg.dop (15.5 KB)

I have found that I need to close Photo Supreme before exporting a photo from Photolab. If I leave PS open I consistently get a red error marker on the thumbnail in PL when I try to do an export.

I haven’t looked at keywords to see if I have any issues there. For new photos though I do all keywording in PS after editing is done in PL. I’m not clear where you do your keywording but it is highly recommended to only do it in one program. And since PS is a true complete DAM that is the logical place to do it.


I had PS closed when in PL5 both when working and exporting.
The way I work was cull in FastStone Image Viewer open in PL and edit, export jpg to check results and weed out or change what’s needed. Then I used PS which added keywords. Then I found PL4 had copyright and keywords. So a final export to flicker and others then had all the keywords and copyright.

But PL5 doesn’t do that, I found you have to add the information via PS to get the information into PL5 when originally imported. So started using PL after culling then importing to PL5. That’s worked with RAW files but was a failure with jpg’s today. I take to do with how the information is kept?

I will give it another try over the weekend, but often I take a mixture of photos, RAW with cameras and phone wide angle camera.

PL5 has messed jpeg edits, which have keywords, totally, I have tried to export some processed and exported under 4 and they all fail to export.

It will be a pain if there is this problem with jpg keywords being added before import to PL5. Unless there is some way round it I will have to split the RAW and jpg losing copyright and keywords in the jpg.

I don’t intend to use the DAM in PL its nowhere as good as other DAM programs and its development appears to be causing a lot of problems!!

Ran test on laptop and same problem. Found work round, use Photo Supreme to add copyright and keywords into the RAW files then add images from the phone to the folder. They don’t have any keyword added when exported but they will at least export. But that’s no help for jpgs already processed the only workaround for them until this is fixed is to download them from flicker as I have had to do for images wanted for my u3a walking group.

Good morning @John7 ,

Could you, please, provide the jpg files with keywords that cause ‘unknown error’ via As the forum has some limitations and remove some metadata.

Please, let me know, when ready.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Uploaded two examples

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Thank you, John!

I can reproduce it with your files. The files are sent to the team for the investigation and fix.

Svetlana G.

Thank you hope they find what to wind back

Have been told “We will delivered a fix for one of our future update, in March for the latest”. Just hope I will know when so I can to stop the work round then…

Good morning John,

This fix is in progress right now (DFRMWK-18823). It will be delivered in one of the next releases.

Svetlana G.

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