Failure of Nik Collection 3.3 within Photolab 4

Using Mac Big Sur. Nik Collections 3.3 takes up to 3/4 minutes to initiate - & then often crashes on completion. Love Photolab4 & Nik Collections when working.
Looking for a local resource with possible mentoring / problem solving…

Hy welcome to the forum.
You posted in the wrongsection , this is the part where you post the sollution of a problem not the problem it self .:wink:

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i can’t help you with mac.
Big Sur is supported by dxo pl but maybe in combination with NIK it has some interface issue’s
NIK is also supported for BigSur states in the download features so maybe a hickup?
Does the standalone startup work? (like export a tiff 16b and open it outside PL?)

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It is running just fine here on a late 2017 iMac with 32 gig ram.

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Hello there,

similar problem with Photolab4 and Nik-Collection 3 trial versions in WIndows 10. I managed only once to open Nik collection in Photolab and to edit a picture in SIlverEffecs pro. Ever since, Nik-Collection doesn’t start from Photolab, i.e. the menu pops up, but it closes , when i select a filter and no application window comes up. I see a change of the icon in the taskbar , but nothing else. Also File/export to Nik-Collection opens the menu, but from there I can’t get further. When I then close Photolab, a list with failing processes comes up.
Starting Nik-Collection from Windows start menu opens the menu and I can start a filter and work with it. However, the filters there are not integrated in one interface, what makes the workflow inefficcent.
Is this a problem of the trial versions? That doesn’t convince me, to buy the full version.

Any suggestions?