Fading colurs in exported pictures?

I have been wondering about the fact that RAW pictures exported from PhotoLab to JPEG or TIFF may look so different even when viewed on the same computer and screen. For instance, I had a sun set picture in which I really tried to bring out the red. However, it looked quite washed out when I opened it in the app I usually use for viewing (Irfan view). My first guess was that this is a problem with PhotoLab, that the intensity of some colours simply is not preserved by the conversion. However, it could, of course, also have to do with the app used for viewing. Has any one noticed significant differences between different apps? The colours do look much better if I open the jpeg in PhotoLab’s preview window, than in Irfan view. Still, this would not seem to be a “normal way” of viewing pictures.

Has any one any thoughts about this?

Probably a color space problem.


Did you set IrfanView’s colour management to use the present monitor profile?

I use two screens with different profiles and IrfanView is able to recognize the appropriate profile,

  • when started on that screen
  • when I change the profile on my main monitor,

while PL is set to

I suggest also checking your export-to-disk settings in PhotoLab. Make sure “ICC profile” is set to whatever you need it to be (I set mine to sRGB).

Hello @Bhard ,

can you provide me one or two RAW files with their dop sidecar so we can test ?
You can use https://upload.dxo.com/


Thank you all for the suggestions. I did a little bit of testing. Here are the results as screen captures (to the left Photolab and to the right Irfan view).

Example 1: This is the problem as I had it, no adjustments made. Clearly, the red is less intense on the right side.
Example 2: Here I have made the adjustment suggested by Wolfgang to Irfan view. Looks much better now!
Example 3: Here I have made the change in Irfan view, but also changed the color space setting of the exporting from “original” to “sRGB”. Does not seem to change anything, compared with example 2?

So the problem would seem to have been that Irfan view was not adjusted to my screen profile. Had no idea there was such a setting.

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