F11 keyboard shortcut has disappeared in DPL 2 + other keyboard related questions


The F11 keyboard shortcut has disappeared from DPL 2. Moreover, it seems that some users are experiencing various results with these shortcuts. In my environment, F11 is working in DPL1 and DPL 2 for one user. For the others, F11 and Alt+ Enter don’t work at all in DPL 2. Ctrl-F9 is supposed to hide/show the image browser. For one user, Ctrl-F9 works the same as F11 in DPL 1. For another user, F11 maximizes the interface and hide/show the image browser. Very strange.

I had a look at the embedded resources of the various DPL 1 and 2 binaries and I couldn’t find any resource defining menus and keyboard shortcuts. Only translation strings and various images/icons. Which leads me to think that the other resources are hard-coded. But I may have missed something.

Anyway, it would be nice if the keyboard shortcuts could be configured by the user, like in PS or Lightroom. Any plan to implement this feature one of these days ?

Looking at the short cut help there do look to be few short cuts now! In the manual it says F11 is to maximize interface so maybe it been lost in the actual program? But it didn’t do anything for me either.

Hello guys,

F11 shortcut was removed from PL2. To have the full screen viewer you should use F12 (though there is a plan to exchange F12 with F11 actually).

Ctrl+F9 works as before (I mean PL1) - it hides only the image browser and leaves the File tree/Palettes visible.

  • Yes, it would be and , probably, could be but not in the near future for sure.

Svetlana G.

Is it too much to ask that the help/manual is updated to changes?

Dear John,

But there is no need to exchange F11 in the manual as we are going to leave exactly F11 key.

Svetlana G.

Sorry is its been removed how is it also still the same as F12 now does what F11 did?
Sorry its the Shortcuts in OP2 I was looking at that now doesn’t have any F above 9. The manual does indeed show 12 for maximse image.

Hello everyone! It’s my first post on the DxO portal.
For me, the F11 was quite important, because it enlarged the working area, so it would be good to restore it. I don’t want to create a new thread, so I will ask here: do you can change highlight color of the selected photo from blue to light gray (Windows version)?


  • F11 was the old full screen when image browser and main menu were hidden, F12 is a new viewer. We were going just to change the bounded key from F12 to F11 (the general key for full screen).

But now we see that some of you really missed the old full screen. So we’ll think what we can do about it.

  • Hm… the brand color for PL is blue and its modifications. I will ask our designers what they think about your suggestion. @lucho could you, please, assist?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

As @sgospodarenko said previously, the blue color is related to the brand identity.
We’re using use it to highlight the selected state in the app.
But we have noticed that for some users it’s almost aggressive sometimes, e.g for the image selected…

So, the idea for us will be to handle this color differently in the UI.
I think you’ll see the first improvements on the next release. To be confirmed.
See you,


Thank You @lucho, just give a choice between blue - brand color and user color in Preferences.