Eye selector

DXO Photolab is great at making processing FAST. I love how I can manage the majority of my photos in a few clicks. The ones where I need most time are portraits: I need to select eyes carefully to enhance them. Wouldn’t it be possible to have an automatic eye selector: iris or white part, without having to use the brush? Then move a few sliders to increase contrast, highlights, sharpness and done. Go to next photo.

The control points don’t work for you? Especially the white in the eye is usually easy to select with a control point, as well as the iris.


Hello @freakz and welcome to the forum,

@Calle suggested you a very good workaround. As for your suggestion itself, please, do not forget to vote for it by yourself (top left corner).

Svetlana G.

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@Calle thanks for the tip. Why didn’t I think about it? I guess I was in Lightroom mode, painfully defining the eye mask with the brush. Control point works great, so let’s forget about my feature request.