Extremely slow slider performance in PL v.7.5.0

I just installed new version 7.5 and found that the adjustment sliders have about a 2 second delay before the adjustment is shown (previous version 7.4 was ok). For me, this makes PL unusable. Anybody else experiencing this?

M2 Mac Mini 32gb RAM

Thanks for the warning. I shall definitely be keeping my 7.3 safe until I can find the time to download and try it out. I’ve got too much work on hand to end up with an even slower version.

For me the adjustments show instantly, just like in the versions before. Fuji X-T5 RAF on M1 iMac. And finally – the masks don’t disappear when you change mask selectivity.

Ok, after further investigation, it appears that my laggy slider issue with 7.5 only occurs on photos that have used local adjustments (which unfortunately is most of my photos). Slider performance on photos without local adjustments is the same as previous version. Could someone please check and see if you experience the same problem?

Same problem here. If there is a local edit (eg a single graduated filter), some image editing controls become really laggy both in the local edit itself and also globally.

A brief check suggests that the laggy only affects some controls (notably exposure, smart lighting, selective tone and white-balance). Curiously, there is no lag with either the tone curve or HSL tool.

This is on an M1 Max with macOS 14.3.1, 32GB and heavy GFX100s RAW files.

While the lag is obvious and difficult to work with, it does not prevent editing. Disabling the local corrections will temporarily restore full performance (but obviously does not help if making a local correction).

I am surprised that this was not caught in testing before release…

Thanks for confirming, Mark. I had only tried the exposure related sliders, but you’re right that the tone curve and HSL tool are not affected. You can still edit with this slow response, but it exceeds my patience threshold, so I’ll be using Lightroom until it’s sorted. And I’m also surprised that this wasn’t caught - hopefully a fix comes out soon!

No slowdown of any sliders I tested with DPL 7.5 on macOS Sonoma 14.3.1 on 5k iMac 2019.
Applied a few LAs to my 60 test images and then a few GAs. Everything worked as expected.

The vanishing mask issue we had in 7.4 is gone too.

Interesting, maybe it’s an Apple silicon only issue.

I just checked on a picture with several control points – all sliders behave normally, no lag. M1 iMac with Sonoma 14.3.1. So it’s not a general Apple silicon issue.

If you posted one of your RAW files plus it’s .dop sidecar, we could check against our systems. If your files are too big, use a share like e.g google drive or wetransfer.com.

I just tried the same file on my M2 Mac Mini and M1 MacBook (with no LAs). No problem on either. Then I added a control point. The M1 MacBook performance was still normal, but the M2 Mini now has a 3 second slider delay. I deleted the control point and the M2 was back to normal performance.

I’m attaching an Olympus file because it’s small, I added a control line over the sky just to check a LA. Thanks for helping.
_A220011.ORF (18.0 MB)
_A220011.ORF.dop (13.6 KB)

This definitely looks like something you should report to support.dxo.com!

Tested your .ORF on the 5K iMac and found no lags or delays.

(DPL 7.5 on macOS 14.3.1 on 5K iMac 2019 with Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB)

It might also depend on whether or not the control point has any edits applied to it, and also which edits.

On my system the local edits appear to need an exposure or selective tone adjustment before the problem will occur. Other local adjustment changes, such as clear-view or white-balance do not seem to provoke the problem.

Gave that a try … but still don’t see lags and delays.

(DPL 7.5 on macOS 14.3.1 on 5K iMac 2019 with Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB)

Update: still no issue after updating to macOS 14.4

Yes, I did report the issue yesterday as soon as I came across it.

What l know so far: it affects only certain Macs (one of mine affected, the other not, both Apple silicon), and it has something to do with 7.5. Nothing has changed on my computer since 7.4, and there doesn’t appear to be anything I can change to fix this.

If anyone is interested in, or affected by, this issue, I have been in touch with support. I used the DxO diagnostic tool to provide information, as requested, and the issue has been passed along to the DxO developers.

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I’ve been prompted to download a 7.5.1 update today. Does this update fix the issue for you?

I have a M1 Mac Mini (MacOS Ventura) and I’ve thankfully not been affected by this bug, it sounds like a pain in the …

No, 7.5.1 did not fix the issue. As I mentioned, the problem occurs on my M2 Mini but not on my M1 MacBook, and it’s a big enough pain that I’m not using PhotoLab on the Mini.

Sorry to hear that it’s not fixed for you. This must be incredibly frustrating.

Yeah, I was excited when I saw there was an update, but… Now I’m worried that this is such an obscure bug effecting so few users that it won’t get fixed.