External GPU configuration

I’m running PL5 on a Win10 laptop with an i7-1165G7 CPU and 16GB RAM. I also have an eGPU with 8GB PAM connected over Thunderbolt, which has made my DeepPrime exports vastly quicker. For example, a 45MP CR3 file now exports to TIF in 20secs even with DeepPrime, whereas it takes 8mins per file if I disconnect the eGPU and it used to take 30mins per file on my previous laptop (which had an i7-8550U CPU and no GPU).

At present my editing monitor is connected to the HDMI port on the eGPU. Everything works fine this way and I’m very satisfied with this improved DeepPrime performance. So before I start altering things experimentally can anyone explain if it matters in PL5 whether the monitor is directly connected to the eGPU or not. Specifically, if I re-wire the monitor to an HDMI port on a laptop dock instead of the port on the eGPU, will I still see the same performance within PL5 ?

I realise this sounds like an easy thing to just trial, but the Win10/eGPU driver configuration didn’t work straight out-of-the-box, so I would prefer not to de-stabilize things if someone can explain upfront that it can’t/won’t work as well if re-wired. Ideally I would want the eGPU disconnected from the monitor so I can power it off much of the time and run just the laptop and monitor.