Exposure series for HDR are all equalized

In general I like the results very much I’m getting from PureRAW (Canon 5D MK2/MK4 + R5). One minor problem, however, are exposure series for HDR: the intensional under/over exposure is compensated and all images look roughly the same. It would be nice to be able to optionally prevent this from happening. (The HDR-program I’m using only produces tiff files, hence I’d like to apply the PureRAW corrections before using it.)

Which is one reason I use PhotoLab. I am able to apply exposure equalisation and DeepPRIME, then export to DNG or TIFF for stitching in Affinity Photo. Then bring the combined TIFF back into PhotoLab for anything else that needs doing.

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In case I didn’t make myself clear: I do NOT want exposure equalization applied in this specific case, but rather let the HDR-program do the tone mapping, preferably on files that are corrected for optical imperfections and noise only. For the purpose of stitching, the exposure compensation performed by PureRAW may be very useful indeed.

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I agree. At the moment I don’t use Pure RAW for HDR or even Pano.