Exposure Masking / Selective Exposure

As a real estate photographer, the #1 thing I would like to see added to HDR Efex Pro 2 is exposure masking, or something similar.

The issue I most often run into is when I have an interior HDR and I want to raise the exposure of everything except the windows, AND/OR lower the exposure of just the windows. The exposure control points do not work for this, and do not work in the same way as the Master Exposure slider in the panel. If the control points were connected to the same engine as the Master Exposure slider, that may also work - I am not sure. As it is, I can use the Master Exposure slider to either make the windows look perfect, or the interior - but not both.

Would it be possible to do something like this? It’s an ongoing challenge to get realistic looking HDRs. HDR Efex 2 is the closest I have found to that, but if I could have more control over localized exposure in the way that the Master Exposure slider alters the exposure, that would be incredible.

Thank you!

Nobody else is using this program for Real Estate Photography? I’m genuinely surprised.

There would have to be a Polygonal Lasso tool or Magic Wand for highlighting just the windows. The control point technology in HDR Efx is great for many things but cutting hard edges is not one of them.
Expanding the tone compression works sometimes but usually produces an unnatural look.

I”m sure you’ve tried this and it’s probably not the answer you were hoping for:

I use HDR Efx Pro in stand alone mode. I export two separate layer files, one for the room and one for the windows. Then I open them in Photoshop and cut the window mask with the PS tools.

Hope that helps.