Exporting to Social Media

I have recently moved over to DxO PhotoLab 7 and still trying to find my feet with it. I have a few queries I hope that users can help me with. I was of the opinion that DPL was a challenge to Lightroom where you are not tied into a recurring annual contract fee. So I’m curious about the export to Lightroom feature, is DPL7 meant to be an add-on to Lightroom?
Also when choosing to export to an application, this takes me to my downloads folder!
Is there a way of utilising this feature so it links to a social media application to export directly to say X, Facebook or similar?

Welcome to the User forum, Ian …

No - “Export to Lightroom” is just there as a convenience … for those who may wish to continue using LR for some part of their workflow … Perhaps for cataloguing (?)

“Export to Application” allows you to navigate to, and select for usage, any app that’s available on your system - - I’m not sure if Facebook or Twitter are available as targets (?) … but here’s an example using an app on my system (to stitch panoramas);

  • Note the Browse button.

Thank you that does help.

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