Exporting to Nik Collection

I have DxO 5.16 along with Nik Collection 5. When I am in DxO and working on a photo and decide to export it to Nik collection, Is the app. I choose (Silver Efex Pro 3) supposed to launch? I have tried several times and it does not. Seems like it should.

Any help :smile:

Welcome to the user forum, Donald.

Yes, the NC tool should launch when you export to it from PL.
A question, tho; how are you invoking the NC tool ?

There are two ways to do so; if one of them is not working you could try the other.

  1. When you have NC installed, PL will enable a button via which you can export selected image(s) to one of the NC tools;
    – When you click the “Nik Collection” button, a plug-in selector will pop-up;
    – The last option in this list lets you prescribe your preferred export options.

  2. The other method is to click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the “Export to disk” button, and select the “Export to Application” option;
    – Then you can browse to, and select, a specific application to invoke;

  3. There’s actually a 3rd option too; you can simply export to disk, and then manually invoke one of the NC tools (in stand-alone mode) - and then open the exported file in the tool
    – One advantage of this approach is that you can specify an export location/folder that’s different from where your source-image(s) are located.

One of these options should work for you …