Exporting times too long when possible

Hi everyone, I need insights about the problem I’m facing with PL5. I installed it on my new m1 Pro MB Pro 14" 2021 under Monterey (specs bellow).

When editing everything’s blazing fast, yet to export (no matter what format and process used, neural engine, processor or graphics) it just won’t complete and it drives me nuts!

My old MBP 15" 2013 is still achieving exports even slowly now.

Anyone got this issue and solved it?

Thanks for feedback.

Hello and welcome!

Does the export eventually finish or does it hang there indefinitely?

Have you given PL proper application and disk access?

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy

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Dear @ZeonWeb

I’v made a quick test wit 246 Photos from my Oly em5MII .orf format with one preset from the film pack (Foto 70’s) and exported all as 16-bit Tif

I’m on

and the export finished without problems

And I have no knowledge in deeper technology with Mac system to give you some more informations

My DXO version is 5.3.1 Build 69

Good luck


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@ZeonWeb, the times you get are definitely far away from what I get on my M1 MacBook Air 2020.

Average processing time with DeepPRIME is in the 6-9 second range per image. Optimal settings, on my computer, for parallel export: 4±1

Note: Everything is on the internal SSD

Q: You’ve not accidentally started PhotoLab with Rosetta?

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I suspected external drive possible slowdown so I transferred the session on my internal SSD.

About Rosetta, any idea how do I check/modify that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah I checked that too!

Hi Guenter,

Thanks for testing and posting, really appreciate it. I did the same with different export settings and programs: LR, Nik… still nothing. I checked the disc access authorisations: they’re all set correctly (see the Screen cap).
I’m very puzzled!

Finder - Programme- DXO Photolab 5 rightklick- Informationen

Mit Rosetta öffnen musst be inaktiv

Could you please share a screenshot of your export setting?
Or maybe change the output path within the export dialog?

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