Exporting TIFFs

I’m using a Mac and outputting processed files as 16-bit Uncompressed TIFFs. When I open these TIFF files in Preview on the Mac, I get two images - the full TIFF and a thumbnail. I haven’t seen that behavior in any other image processing software and I don’t really need the thumbnail. Any way to turn that off?


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YIndeed, the thumbnail is there and I‘ve wondered if there was a way to go without it. Found none (did not try too hard though) and decided to simply ignore it. It takes only a small space beside the remaining 16 bit image data…

Alternatively, I often use dng output because they are smaller and more similarly treatable like raw images when further processing is wanted.

Hello David,

I do the same as you but I do not see that thumbnail. Where is this thumbnail?


When I open an exported tiff, this is shown automatically as miniatures in the side bar.

maybe important to say, on a Mac with preview

Interesting - I am on an iMac, High Sierra, and I do not see this. Can I ask you for a screenshot?


This is what you (can) get:


Thumbnails can be seen/created or not.
Checking export to remove EXIF data disables the thumbnail creation.

I just had a look on my Mac and I do not have these thumbnails. Maybe support can solve this.

I never use preview but maybe there is a setting somewhere?

Thanks platypus, so I don’t have to do this :wink: and yes, same when exporting with PL2, on High Sierra and Mojave.

The answer is: Yes, we can! Check remove EXIF on export.

Tiffs that already contain the thumbnail are a different story: Recreate? Ignore? Find your own answer… The difference in file size is 0.3%

Note: There is more to find about thumbnails, her’s just one example:

I am not so sure about that. I have not checked this box, in other words I keep the EXIF data bus as mentioned above I do not have this thumbnail

I was the original poster who asked the question about the thumbnails in TIFFs. If I turn off the EXIF then the thumbnail does disappear - but what if I want the EXIF information? I think I will just start using uncompressed JPEGs - the target for these files is a photo book. I figured the 16-bit TIFFs would preserve more of the color information but that probably doesn’t make any difference for a (commercial) photo book.

What DxO needs is an option to turn off the thumbnail directly.


David, I would still get in touch with support.
I am like you, I want the EXIF data in the tiff and I do - but I do not have this issue with the thumbnail.

I can contact support and see what they say. I don’t know how receptive they are to these kinds of requests.

By the way, it seems that (macOS) Preview is the only program that shows both the TIFF and thumbnail. Fast Raw Viewer, for example, only shows the full-size TIFF. So, maybe this is a Preview weirdness more than DxO. I was just concerned about when I send the TIFFs to Motif for the photo book, Motif would see and use the thumbnail…but they are probably smarter than that.