Exporting metadata to saved files DXOPhotolab 7.1.0 build 94 ELITE

In version 6 I commonly placed a lot of data in the IPTC description field of a number of photos using copy and paste of the metadata actions under the IMAGE tab. Then I exported the files to a set of smaller files jpg. The metadata was exported into the smaller files. I use the smaller files on a webpage and the description is automatically placed over the photo when the cursor hovers over it.

With version 7 working on files that had the dop files created in 6 the meta data I have placed in the IPTC fields are not exported to the new smaller files if the TIFF file is selected and export is jpeg. This worked under version 6
I have not edited the files with the NIK collection
Have I missed a new toggle I have to click or is this a bug?

Update I have a workaround selecting jpeg for tablet and exporting as jpeg. This exports the metadata but I want the original behaviour that worked under v6 to continue.

Looks like a bug… will report it.

Have you looked in the TIFF export settings that you look at if the metadata is included ?

Thanks for taking time to respond. Yes I did click on ALL for the include but it did not work HOWEVER after posting and successfully exporting using JPEG for Tablet and export as JPEG I closed the program. I just started it up again to check after your suggestion and it defaulted to TIFF and export to JPEG. I click ALL and exported and it worked!!
I am sure I had selected ALL originally but go figure.
Thanks again

The mysteries of software. :upside_down_face:
Glad to see that everything is back to normal.