Exporting files to smaller file sizes under 150KB


Can someone share how to export files to smaller file sizes under 150KB.
When i try to export using the advanced tab to reduce file to 72 dpi and 900 pxl longest size, the average file size is still around 300kp and I’m trying to target 150 or less for digital images for my blog.

Any suggestions please?

Hello there and welcome!

My exports with your settings are 50-90KB.

Have you tried to lower the quality?
To “80” or lower perhaps?

Note, dpi isn’t going to affect file size.

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I tried to reduce to 80 percent but my file size is still around 209kb. What did you do to get the file size lower for pics that are 900 pxls longest size?
thanks for responding


Oh okay thanks, i did this at 90 percent and can try the 80 percent, that’s how you got 50-90kb size?

compression/qoality doesn’t change the file size in pixels.


Compression efficiency depends on the complexities in the images.
Try to go with an even lower number.

I can get it down to 33k if I set compression to 50. For every added 10 in quality another 10k is added to file size.

You could also make sure you disable the metadata on export as all those data adds another 10k to your he file size.

If that helps you: I use ImageOptim on my
Mac to reduce file size to the maximum when posting or sharing -especially without metadata-.
Check for Windows alternatives on the same page.

Export an image with different quality levels to find your sweet spot:

File size depends on image detail too. While the above is from a 12 M pixel image,
the following is from a 22 M pixel image with lots of detail:

Bildschirm­foto 2022-10-05 um 11.19.37

To make things easier, you could define a series of export settings with different quality levels and export an image with all these settings and then throw away the files that don’t match your requirements.

If I remember correctly you can choose the estimated file size in Irfanview and/or Xnview.
So maybe you take the possibility to export in DXO to full size jpeg for use with prints or books, and then create a batch in one of the programs for exporting the big jpegs to smaller one for your blog.
Only a suggestion

Thanks for the information, I’m not familiar with IR Fan View or Xnview, do you mind explaining what that is using the DXO Photolab 5.5 please?

Thanks so much for that, so what is the quality level that you get for files under 150kb with a 22M Pixel images. Is that around 75% or less and still render decent detail?

Do check it with a few of your files.

Thanks so much for your reply, I’m going to ask a basic question, how do you set compression levels on DXO is that equivalent to quality level in the export function? Or is there another advanced feature I have to do to get the file sizes smaller?

I’m on vacation now. But on the export page you can set both the size in pixels as the compression quality.


Good morning @emorata
Maybe we don’t understood each other :smiley:

If I would have the situation you has I would do it this way

  1. Devolop in DXO PL
  2. Export jpegs with good quality with DXO PL
  3. Create a batch conversion with file size setting in Irfanview with the jpegs from step 2 to create smaller ones.

You have to check if it fits your needs

edit forgot the original filesize screen


Have fun