Exported images don't have Prime denoising applied in it

I use an M1 mini with 16gb RAM.

Whenever I export an image applying prime denoising, it doesn’t get applied to the exported image. The images have some noise reduction applied but not prime. Every other change gets applied except for prime.

What type of camera are you using? Are you using Prime or DeepPrime? Prime is not currently available for Fuji cameras employing X-Trans sensors. DeepPrime is though.

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I’m using Lumix S1. I tried both prime and deep prime. There is no difference in the exported image.

I have rarely seen an instance where the difference between PRIME and DeepPRIME was not obvious and significant. Perhaps the issue for you is the specific images you are using. Your expectations and tolerance for noise could be other factors. .


@Vishal.M.Das, can you post one of the files that exhibit the issue for us to test?

Providing a RAW file here or on Dropbox with a link provided here would help us to diagnose what the problem is.

Since there is a confusion as to what my problem is, I’ll try to explain it again.

The problem I face is not with specific RAW files as the same RAW file works fine on my windows system but I’m using PL4 there. I recently bought an M1 mac mini and use PL5 with it.

As you know there are 3 denoising options in PL5, “High quality”, “Prime” and “Deep prime”. I select Deep prime and export the image but the exported image doesn’t have the denoising of “Deep prime” applied. Instead that file has the denoising of “High quality” applied which is similar to the preview you see on PL.

This isn’t RAW file specific.

HQ is the only one of the three that will be applied to any file other than RAW. Your issue is RAW specific.

Understood, but if it’s not RAW file specific, your DPL installations must be the cause of your issues…BUT de-noising also depends on the image too and sometimes, results look similar. I cannot try to help you without a test image. My DPL versions 4 and 5 deliver as expected.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by " Raw specific ". How can a raw file from a camera model released 2yrs ago not work as expected on the same software on one system but work on the same software on another system.

Has there been any M1 mac specific issues with DPL. Cause it works fine on my windows system and this is my first mac.

I have DPL on macOS Monterey on my M1 MacBook Air and have not seen the issue you mention.

Both Prime and Deep Prime are available only for RAW files. HQ can be applied to any file RAW or RGB. The fact that HQ is applied to all of your files is irrelevant as P or DP can only be applied to RAW files. The fact that P and DP are not applied to your RAW files is the only issue.