Exported DNG gets wrong profile when converrting

I have upgraded to Ventura and PS2024. If I export a TIF from Capture 1, it opens happily in Photoshop. If I export a TIF from a DNG that has been created by PureRaw, it opens in Camera Raw saying that the profile is something other than what the file info says.

so PureRaw generates you a DNG file - but what do you use to open that DNG from PureRaw and export to TIF(F) ?

I use Capture 1 for editing and TIF creation. I do my adjustments, run the DNG through PureRaw, and then create a TIF from the DNG with Capture 1.

I would much prefer to go straight to TIF from PureRaw but can’t work out how to set the ICC profile.

Does anyone from DXO read this stuff anymore?

No wonder: You can’t set a profile with PureRaw.

PureRaw uses the color profile that comes along with the raw file. If you set your camera to AdobeRGB (as profile for the built-in preview and OOC jpeg files), DPR output is tagged with AdobeRGB. Set cam to sRGB and output will be sRGB. For best ability to work colors, export to DNG. It preserves the original color space, which is none.

Thanks. I’ll give up on creating TIFs. The problem that remains is that, when I process a DNG through PR, the PR DNG is somehow getting the wrong ICC profile when it is exported as a TIF from Capture one. A TIF from a DNG gets the right profile and opens directly in PS. The TIF from the PR DNG gets the wrong profile, not the specified one.

you can specify a color space in C1 when you convert DNG to tif(f) … so what color space exactly do you specify for export to tif(f) in C1 ?

ProPhoto as I have done for many years. What’s weird is that the TIF has ProPhoto as the profile but somehow becomes Display P3 in Camera Raw. I’ve raised this on the Adobe forum too. There has to be an incompatibility between PS and PR somewhere.

A quick post on the Adobe forum, and it’s fixed, or, at least, circumvented. Turn off Tif in ACR.

Display P3 is usually shown as profile by e.g. Apple’s Finder and Preview in cases, where a file has no colour profile. P3 is Apple’s standard display profile and is therefore listed as profile.

Use exiftool to check what profile is embedded or post a link to images that we can then check for you.

Exiftool says ProPhoto RGB

Looks like a case for support.dxo.com.

Agreed, my track record there is sub-optimal but I’ll try.