Exported DNG from ORF is about 2 EV overexposed in LR

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I am having a problem that when I export a developed ORF file as DNG (all corrections) to LR classic the resulting DNG in LR is about 2 EV overexposed. When I export to TIF (8 bit compressed and 16 bit) the files shows up correctly in LR.
Am I doing something wrong? I would like to keep the edited files as DNG because they are a bit smaller than the resulting TIFs.

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The answer is in the used type of linear tif in the dng. Dng can contain a raw file or a tif file. When it contains a tif file, like in PL, it is a linear tif file meaning that all non lineair edits in the conversion are not saved. See your manual. I still do not know which edits that are exactly except gamma correction.
I do not know the benefits of it.
A link I found http://www.barrypearson.co.uk/articles/dng/linear.htm


If you have selected all corrections applied option then the linear DNG, which is simply a 16 bit Tif with no white point applied has the RGB values baked into the Tif. If LR is applying some default correction then it shouldn’t be :slight_smile:

Simply open up the DNG in Faststone and compare what you see with what you see in DXO.

I have checked the DNG with FastStone and it looks ok. The histogram looks good, too. Interestingly, the DNG is overexposed with everything else I have checked (Luminar and Afinity Photo). Both of the latter also show the wrong colors in the overexposed areas (it looks pink).
Interestingly, not all of the DNG are overexposed but I have not been able to identify the differences in the development between those that are overexposed and the DNGs that look ok.

I was able to do a little bit of trial and error today with PhotoLab. Even the DNG with only noise and optical correction is not showing up correctly in LR with the same issues like the DNG with the full corrections. The TIFs are ok in all of the programs tested.
BTW, this is an ORF specific problem. Raw files from a Sony Alpha 7r M3 exported to DNG show up correctly in LR.

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Could you, please, share your .ORF test file + sidecar + dng output? Please, upload them via upload.dxo.com under your forum name and let us know when ready.

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I have uploaded an example.



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Thank you. Taking the files for the analysis.

Svetlana G.

Hello @riddermark ,

issue is with ISO 100, that ISO was not originally available for that camera, it came with a firmware update and we missed it (they don’t say that kind of info in release notes :confused: ) so calibration is not good for it.
We will correct it in a next update. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Thanks for figuring thing out. I have been wrecking my brain why some of the files showed up correctly while others were too bright.


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