Export with Shot Date, but Without Rating?

So, I’ve begun to make good use of the 5-star rating system. But this has created a concern for me when, for example I photograph a high school swim meet and give the photos to the swimmers and their parents. Long story short, my rating system is stingy on stars. And there are plenty of photos I know other parents or their teenagers will love. Yet that from a photographic standpoint, rate poorly on my system.

I would prefer not to have some teenager look at what they see as a good photo of their-self, and see that I’ve rated it 2-stars. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume a teenager would interpret that as a rating of their appearance, rather than bad lighting, background or soft focus.

I would prefer not to lose the shot date on export. But I only see a way to remove both the shot date and the rating on export. Is there a trick anyone has found to more granularly choose what metadata is exported? Or specifically to just not export ratings, but do retain shot date?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or info.

@HumanJHawkins I was going to suggest using the export options to restrict the data exported.

But when I tried to set the ‘Rating’ by clicking beside the thumbnail, DxPL 6.3.1 appeared to delete the image (and I made sure I did not click on the ‘Trash’ icon)!?

Because I had a ‘Filter’ on “no rating” set!

Deleted because I had a ‘Filter’ set the images seemed to “disappear”.

I simply removed the Attributes metadata from the export dialog and the rating doesn’t get written.

But I do need to ask - how do you think the people receiving the exported images will see the ratings?


like in your screenshot, I removed the checkmarks for Attributes and IPTC and no star rating gets written – see @Joanna’s remark.
Also tested with removing star ratings from the thumbnails – no problem.

  • Your screenshot of the export window
    shows the Suffix _PL631R,
  • but here


    you seem to be somewhere else – if not have filtered out your jpegs.

I really don’t know what you are doing, but confusing yourself.

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@Wolfgang I don’t think that I am confused (although that is certainly possible) and although not “confused” I obviously wasn’t awake!

Given my confidence is at an all time low, if you leave the ‘Rating’ in the image and give them a digital copy then it will be simple for those who look at the image with the right software to see the ‘Rating’ unless you do what you stated!

If you are giving them a physical print that is different.

sometimes we all have a bad day. :slight_smile:

Why not clear up (delete all this stuff) and leave a short note instead.

Possibly but, honestly, how many ordinary parents will go to the extent of examining the metadata behind a picture they have been given?

Agreed but at least @HumanJHawkins is doing “due diligence” and avoiding the “ire” of the one parent who does!

Perhaps you could use Color tagging instead?

Yeah… I tested the .jpg export. If you open in Windows (presumably other operating systems too), the rating is there along with ISO, focal length, etc. Most people won’t go looking for it. I can just foresee some potentially bad outcomes if someone stumbles onto it and assumes it’s a rating of the subject rather than the technical merits of the photo. This will probably never happen though.

I know I can just uncheck “attributes” on export. The problem is that this removes more than just the rating. Will probably do this anyway in some cases.

Thanks much for the thoughts in this.

@HumanJHawkins exactly what I was going to check when I had my “bad” ‘Filter’ experience, i.e. a “bug” in my eyesight, logic etc. but not in the product.

If this is considered an important issue, i.e. one worthy of a little additional work then consider

  1. Export all as JPGs (I presume they are JPGs) as normal (with ‘Rating’) and
  2. Copy those to be distributed to a suitably named directory
  3. Select all images for distribution (‘Ctrl A’ etc.) and set the ‘Rating’ to 0.
  4. Distribute (the ‘Rating’ = 0) images as normal

One extra step but not particularly onerous, just keep any you wish to keep in your library (with ‘Rating’) separate from those for distribution, or just keep the originals, e.g. copy those destined for others to a separate suitably named directory “<event name, date etc>\For distribution”.

Once distributed they can be kept for a given length of time before being “destroyed”, just remember to “clean up” (set ‘Rating’ to 0 for someone who wants “reprints” after the “for distribution” directory has reached its “drop dead by date”.

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I think, this concern is reasonable, we’re living in a world everything can be rated one Google and I honestly have no idea how young people use some kinds of ratings today. As always, rating can easily be misunderstood as long as I have no idea after which scale the rating happened. And even if the person in the picture knows how and why and what you rate - other persons might not and can start bullying. Especially a swimming-event of teenagers is already an invitation for body-shaming.

Usually, I only include ratings if I export to closed galleries seen only by photo-friends. I want them to know how I like my photo and I know this will not influence their “own rating”, but other viewers (= visitors of my public web galleries) can find their own scale.