Export with a fixed size resizing option

The export tool lacks of a fixed size option to choose between height or width. I would like to get all my pictures in 1080 pixel height max for example but there is no way to get it without exporting portrait and landscape with a dedicated export options and all manually because there is no filter to separate portrait from landscape. That’s very annoying.
There is a short side and a long side option but it’s not the same use than width and height…

If I understand you correctly @Deneice , you’d like to have an option to export images in 1080 pixels vertically, no matter if the source comes in portrait or landscape orientation. If this is what you want, exported images would be e.g. 1080x540 in portrait orientation and 1080x2160 in landscape orientation.

If this what you want?

(if yes, vote for your proposal)

Export options should then have another two entries: pixels vertically and pixels horizontally. Now it’s just these:
Bildschirm 2022-09-24 um 23.48.18

Basically, “Fit” should be what you need…but it does not seem to work that way. When I set dimensions to something like 500 x 5000, the results are not what I expect.
@Musashi , could this be a bug?

Yes you got it right Platypus. 1080 no matter if the source comes in portrait or landscape orientation.
It should read this way 540x1080 (portrait) and 2160x1080 (landscape). I also played with “rotate to fit” and “fit” but I still do not understand how they should work, is it a bug ?

To get this purpose, we should get a “Resize based of one side” and with those target side options :

  • height,
  • width,
  • shortest side,
  • longest side.

In parallel, filtering by landscape/portrait in the overall filtering tool could give us more power to export pictures based of their orientation…

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That’s right, “Fit” would be the right option with set to a high value and height to 1080.
However, there seems to be a bug and the orientation of the image is not taken into account. Our developers will check it further and look for a fix

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Hi Barbara
you’re new around here !?
The DxO team is expanding :smiley:

I have been asking for this option for years.
What’s the point?
To view H and V images on an HD TV.
I thought we had to use the “Rotate to fit” option for this.


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Hi Everybody,

Who has tested it in PL6 ? Can we now set a “Resize based of one side” or “fit” feature?

The “fit” feature is still broken in DPL 6.0.2 on Mac.

If it had worked, the dimensions should have been

  • 1080 x 720 in portrait orientation
  • 1080 x 1620 in landscape orientation

Thank you Platypus !
A so basic feature and still broken 2 months later, I’m gonna think that DXO has lost its todolist…or maybe we could get it next year with a “new” PL7 ?

A backlog can get heavy too:

The issue has now been fixed, it’s going to be released in the next versions of DxO PhotoLab 5 & 6.