Export to Photoshop only 72dpi

Using PhotoLab 2 I can do a direct Tiff export to disk at 16 bit 300dpi in ProPhoto color space.

However, when selecting an export to Application (Photoshop for example) there doesn’t seem to be a DPI setting. I get Tiff exports to PS at 16 bit in ProPhoto color space , but at 72 DPI. How can I set this to 300dpi?

This value is interesting only for a direct impression from the OS.

Try to export some TIFF file with different DPI settings.
It will be the same file size.
Open it in DPL, it will be the same definition.



Sorry, It seems you might have misunderstood my problem.

Simply put, I can “export to Disk” and choose file type, color space, bit depth and the PPI or DPI.

When I “export Application”, in my case Photoshop, I can choose file type, color space, bit depth, but NOT the PPI or DPI. The result is always a file at 72dpi.

When Exporting to an Application, how can I set the DPI?

Yes, it seems to be inconsistent.

On the other had, the DPI value on an Image file has no real relevance. If another application really uses it, e.g. to calculate dimensions of a printed picture, it probably also offers a way to set the value.


I am talking off the top of my head at this moment, but I have had that problem with other apps. It seems to me I had file type (jpg,tiff,gif) in the preferences that would bring the photo into PS and convert it 72ppi. You can use the image sizer in PS and usually it won’t bother or hurt your resolution. The only part you might want to check out is sending imagery for printing. I get DXO to export Tiff to PS at 300 all the time. You might also check the recipe for exporting to particular apps. Make a new recipe and see how that serves. I will have to go look now that I have opened my mouth. Cheers!

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The DPI value is important for printing. Yes, one can compensate for a wrong DPI value, but a lot of things work better when the DPI matches what you want to print at.

There is a lot of confusion and mis information in this post. You really should read these posts. FYI DPI (Dots per inch) is pretty much meaningless and of no useful information to anyone but a printer engineer and when people mention DPI they are invariably referring to PPI i.e. how many pixels there are in the image and therefore how many pixels per inch you can expect for any given print based on the print size. So, again PPI is only relevant when considering the size of a print vs the number of pixels in the image. For most people all that actually matters is how many pixels the image contains and this is not something you would ordinarily change in photoshop as to do so would either throw pixels away or artifially add pixels thereby reducing quality. There is however one programme recognised for its ability to enlarge an image (i.e. add pixels) successfully (within reason) and that’s On1 Resize.


Thanks for all of the replies. I have received the following response from DXO:

“Thank you for writing. When you export back to an application such as Photoshop, the export option does not currently allow you to specify the PPI or DPI to use. The program chooses this value for you. In order to select a different PPI, you will need to export to a file folder on your hard drive and then import the processed file into Photoshop. We will be happy to pass along your interest in this capability to our development team for their consideration. A suggestion on your behalf will be automatically created and sent to the developers once this ticket is closed.”

I plan to continue to export to a TIF file at 300DPI. However, I have tried using Image>Image Size in Photoshop by resetting then DPI from 72 to 300 and un-checking “Resample”. Seems to produce an acceptable result.

Regards to all