Export to Messages - where do theses files go to after the initial export?

Hi - I use the handy little export to messages a lot - but what happens to the image generated after export?

Is it deleted, or can it be found in DxO or my hard drive thereafter? That would be very useful if it is indeed stored and accessible.

Kind regards - Andy.

It is probably deleted but I do not know.
What you certainly can do is to save them later from the Message App :slight_smile:

Hi Andy - - What do you mean by export to messages ? … Is this, perhaps, an application that you target via the Export to Application option ?

If so then I expect you’ll find the exported image in the same folder as its source-file.

Regards, John M

Hi John - yes, next to the export to application is a share icon and clicking on it reveals a number of options - including the export to messages.

I tested your idea that I might find said images in same directory as the source image, but unfortunately it does not.

Thanks for trying - there must be a definitive answer!

Regards - Andy

Hi Marc - and thanks for the suggestion, I don’t know as yet if you are correct re the file deletion - we’ll see.

Regards - Andy.

Yes this button is the “Share” button from macOS.
I just tested and it seams there is no file saved but it is directly sent to the Message App.

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