Export to lightroom with deeprime


I still have photolab 4 (I will upgrade when pl5 when it supports dji mini 3 pro raw files with deep prime).

My pc has a 6 cores Core i7-8700K cpu at 3.7 GHz
Graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Exporting 2 12800 iso canon R5 Craw pictures to lightroom with deep prime (denoise and optical corrections only) takes almost 5 minutes with graphic acceleration, and only 3 minutes when using cpus only !

I know that that graphic card is far from being the fastest in the market, but I am not a gamer. However, when encoding video using graphic card for encoding, it’s still a lot faster then with cpu only. Not the case for dxo.

Is this normal ?

…seems to be the case on your PC.

Your PC-file-processing combination seem to be better off without GPU. If you want to compare performance with other GP units, you can find some data here: