Export to Lightroom : "Adobe Lightroom is not installed"... except, it is?

Hi there,

Trialling PhotoLab 5, seems very impressive so far, apart from one small issue - it won’t seem to allow me to export to Lightroom, as it thinks Lightroom isn’t installed?


I’m running Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (the latest ‘cloud’ version, not Classic), and the similar Export to Lightroom function in PureRAW works perfectly. Does PL5 only work with Lightroom Classic? That’s a major downer if so :


Nevermind - I found a workaround. You just have to choose Export to Application and manually navigate to the Lightroom CC folder and select Lightroom.exe

Seems to work fine after that, now I just need to figure out how to choose where the exported DNG’s get saved to.

Hello Daniel,

DxO PhotoLab 5 supports only Adobe Lightroom Classic now. We will consider extending our auto detection for the Cloud version.


What the the plan to resolve this? I dont see that it is working at present.

Only DxO can answer that. Meanwhile, re-read @alex’s reply. He didn’t say it would be fixed, he only said:

my bold emphasis.