Export to Disk stopped working

After using PL5 (v5.1.2 build 4700) successfully for a while now it has ceased functioning. When I export from JPEG or Canon CR3 Raw I get a clock symbol with “Awaiting processing” which then becomes a red exclamation mark with “Internal Error, Save has failed, Unable to open connection” messages when I hover over the image. Nik Collection also fails to open. Export to a USB stick or an external disk is also unsuccessful. I uninstalled PL5 and reinstalled it again, to no avail. A DOP file does not get produced.
The problems arose the day after I installed and calibrated a new monitor. I opened an Issue #315543 for Username “Willie56” but the link to the issue is not working.

What is the problem? Was it the calibration? or the latest version of Dx0?

DopCor.txt (1.3 KB)

DxO.PhotoLab.0.txt (1.3 MB)
DxO.PhotoLab.txt (264.6 KB)
PC System.txt (463 Bytes)

Strong likelihood is that this is a permissions issue and may be related to changes in Windows Defender or other AV software.

I can’t conceive any other reason why PL5 would suddenly stop working

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Add program to exemptions of security programs

Thanks but I tried turning off my AV Avira Firewall but it didn’t help. Reinstalled PL5 and turned off the PC in between to no avail. Thanks anyway, it was worth a try.

That might not be the only problem. You need to check everything because something has changed in you system, not in PL5.

Are you running Windows Defender or has a recent Windows update reactivated it?

See @John7 post.

If this had been a DxO problem, these forums would be overloaded with complaints. As it is, you can find all sorts of threads about this subject and all of them ended up being something that had changed in the way of permissions in Windows.

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I’m sure you are right, but what? DPP4 and Capture One not affected but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ll keep trying things. Thanks.

I’m really sorry there is no quick fix. It’s a real nuisance when Windows does things like this - one of the reasons I moved to Mac years ago - no more need for all that “protection” that Windows seems to need.

Have you run Event Viewer and checked if anything interesting was written to the Application and System logs at the time of the failure?

Can you create new files in the folder where you are trying to edit a photo?

Do you have any security software or setting that is running PhotoLab in a “sandbox” environment? (Protecting the file system.) I don’t know how you would check this - but it is one possible explanation.

I use Photo Supreme as a DAM and normally it is always running. I was having the same Export failure and found that turning off Photo Supreme it would then Export okay. I also usually have Mylio running and turn it off as well. My guess is that any program that is looking at the image PL is trying to export can cause this problem.

Hi everybody, the problem has been resolved, like Joanna said something had changed in my system. The color profile had disappeared for one of the monitors in Display Settings, probably as a result of my calibration shenanigans!. Thanks to all.

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Thank you for the follow-up. While PhotoLab is not immune from bugs, very often user problems with it are a result of configuration issues or conflicts with other software. Happily you were able to resolve your problem quickly.