Export To Disk PL3 -standardize between PC and Mac Please

The export to disk dialog options are different for a PC vs a Mac. The Mac version allows you to specify a location to place an exported file as a “subfolder of the original folder” which will automatically create a subfolder for you and place the exported file in it, if you so choose. The PC version does not have this option but instead offers up the option to navigate to a specif folder that if you want as a subfolder of the original folder, you have to manually create the subfolder first then point to it in the path, every time you change folders. This is time consuming and requires extra mous clicks and typing on the PC that is not required on the Mac. Mac is just set it once, and you’re done.
Both versions Mac and PC should operate the same - in the fashion of the Mac.

Please fix this in the PC version to make it easier to accomplish the work required and make the application consistent in its operation in this area.

As a former developer this should be an easy fix and a quick win for the development team.

I would include a screen shot to better illustrate this here, but I do not see a way to do that.

I have reported this to support about this twice… once in PL1 and now again in PL3 and nothing has been done as they say they cannot make changes and it falls to the dev group.

I don’t know if I can post a link to the support ticket which has the screen shot (i.e. allowed to do that), but would be happy to do so if it does not contravene rules of the forum.

I hope others will support this request.



Hello @Big-Gee and welcome to the forum!

Thank you for the feedback. The request is already here - Feature request. Exporting on Windows

So let me close this one as a duplicate.

Svetlana G.